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We See What You Do and It Inspires Us

A yearbook captures the moments that happen in your school every day. The yearbook — a time machine, culture builder and learning community — fuels our passion for innovation, inclusivity and educational resources.


A Jostens yearbook is a nostalgia-inducing product created using state-of-the-art technology.


Triple Coverage of every student is our deal, supported by integrated systems and easy-to-use technology.


There is magic in the real-world skills learned in a Jostens yearbook classroom, which is supported by top-notch educational resources.

In all of my interactions with Jostens, my students and I feel like part of a valued relationship in which everyone wants what’s best for our students.

Sarah Nichols, Adviser
Whitney High School [CA]


Give Your 2020 Yearbook a 2020 Look

No one can simply throw together a yearbook. It takes a whole lot of art, surprising amounts of science and tons of inspiration. That’s where we set ourselves apart. We’ve put our designers to the test to give you trend-forward design inspiration and templates to create a unique 2020 look.


Instruct a Whole New Way

Fireworks are worth it and if you’re a Jostens customer, you know why. Developing creative ways for advisers and staffs to get across the finish line is what we love most. Our best-in-class lesson plans, tutorials and classroom resources are designed to develop real-world skills for the staff and a rewarding experience for the adviser.


Go Pro with Layout Pro

Our flashiest Flash-less addition to our yearbook creation suite, Layout Pro borrows the best of Page Designer and takes it to the next level. It’s incredibly simple and intuitive. The next generation of yearbook design is almost here.


Inspiration At Your Fingertips

Whether just getting started or a seasoned expert, our Yearbook Love Blog will have the resources you’re looking for. Best practices and inspiration at your fingertips.

Jostens has been our publishing company of choice for more than 25 years. Everyone involved with the publication process has always treated us like family and provided us with guidance.

Denise Stewart, Adviser
Merritt Island High School [FL]


A Community of Yearbook Nerds Talkin’ Shop

April 2020 Adviser/Student of the Month

Adviser & Student of the Month We are honored to recognize these educators and students who have embraced Jostens Yearbook philosophies and are helping their school celebrate moments that matter.April 2020Tricia Allen, adviser SHERMAN E. BURROUGHS HIGH SCHOOL [CA]...

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Little Things

Little Things

Photo cropping. Photo correction. Quotes. While these three little (but important) things aren’t obvious to the average reader, they have a big impact on your yearbook.

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