Index Inspiration

Jason Kaiser

Associate Marketing Manager, Jostens
Jason works with various print, digital and social initiatives bringing content to life through Yearbook Love, the Digital Classroom and more. A former yearbook adviser, Jason has worked with scholastic journalism for more than eight years.

When your students get the yearbook for the first time, chances are they all go to the same place immediately: the index. We often talk about three-times coverage at Jostens because we want every student to have a book that celebrates their moments that mattered. The index not only lists everyone who is in the book but is also an opportunity to get even more students in the book.

Creating the index can be just as fun (yes; that wasn’t a typo) as the rest of the book — and can, in fact, be one of the most creative places to continue your book theme. Take a look at some great inspiration below:

Valley View Middle School [CA]

Continuing the theme throughout the index creates a nice relationship with the rest of the book. The Beyond Common staff maintained a consistent use of color throughout the imagery and graphics — notice how they transition from green to purple.

White County High School [GA]

We love coverage ideas, and the Chieftain staff certainly found a fun way to include additional students while maintaining the graphics of their theme.

Pikesville High School [MD]

The index doesn’t just have to show photos of students, but it can also share stories that might not have fit into the flow of the yearbook. The Pinnacle staff, for example, shared the transformation of a school construction project.