Photo Coverage Right Now

Jostens Advisers & Staff

Rhonda Pittman, Orangewood Christian School [FL]
Rhonda has been advising yearbook and teaching photography for over nine years and brings over 15 years of professional experience and expertise to her program. Her program wins high honors from NSPA and other local press associations.

It’s that time again! A new school year begins.

Don’t miss out on one moment of the beginning of the school year. Get those camera batteries charged and start firing.

Of course, a good yearbook photographer never wants to miss the first day of school. Students, dressed in their best back-to-school attire, excitedly greet friends, gathering for informational assemblies, having lunch together — all events that should be captured by the camera for use in the yearbook. There really is no way to re-create these scenes if they are missed.

Don’t forget, however, that there are many photo opportunities taking place even before the school year begins. Do your students have an orientation day where they come meet their teachers and set up their lockers? Does your student government decorate the halls? Have sports practices or tryouts begun? These are great moments to capture for your yearbook.

Other photo ops might include: the introduction of new teachers, sports practices, get-to-know-your-classmates activities happening in classrooms, school picture day, club sign ups, after school gatherings of friends, back to school pep rallies, yearbook staff book sales, school spirit wear being sold at lunch time. The only way to capture these moments is to have that camera ready.

  • The introduction of new teachers
  • Sports practices
  • Get-to-know-your-classmates activities happening in classrooms
  • School picture day
  • Club sign ups
  • After school gatherings of friends
  • Back-to-school pep rallies
  • Yearbook staff book sales
  • School spirit gear being sold at lunch time.

The only way to capture these moments is to have that camera ready.

Take the time before school begins to assign photographers and reporters to cover each event. A school calendar should be easily accessed on the school website. Being well prepared helps to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

However, if you dropped the ball on back-to-school experiences, start right here and right now to not miss another minute and plan now for next fall.

Reach out to your readers. They all have phone cameras and you can be sure they took photos. From reading this until you final your book, everyday is a plethora of stories. Tell them in photos.