Adviser & Student of the Month

We are honored to recognize these educators and students who have embraced Jostens Yearbook philosophies and are helping their school celebrate moments that matter.

April 2020

Tricia Allen, adviser


Weidkamp’s nominator, Jostens Representative, Jessica Wilson, noted in her nomination letter, “Tricia Allen views the yearbook staff as individuals contributing to a collective team, and approaches each student as though they matter. She’s focused on the WHOLE student including their personal lives. Her consistent emphasis on a positive work-life balance is demonstrated in her classroom as she teaches students to manage the production of the yearbook and teambuilding, all while sharing some pizza or snacks during a deadline potluck. Tricia’s dedication to her students and passion for the yearbook production is exceptional. She is a model yearbook adviser.”

From Tricia Allen

PRIDE // I never imagined I would love teaching this class as much as I do. I have had to learn the functions of my camera and then pass that information on to the students. It’s fun to see their pride in capturing a great moment.

REPRESENTATION // I have worked hard to enroll all grade levels in my yearbook class; I don’t want this class to be juniors and seniors only. It is because of this inclusion that I have seen a rise in the number of applications from underclassmen. In the effort to have every student in the book three times, I have had some under-represented students get called in for interviews and leave excited to be prominently displayed in the book.

CAMP // My first year, going to camp that summer was so insightful and helpful. 

JOSTENS // Honestly, the biggest help has been my rep. Jessica Wilson. She has always been available for visits, suggestions, and helping my program any way she could.

ADVICE // My advice would be to lean on your editors and Jostens rep when and if you need to. Go to yearbook camp because so much work gets done there and so much team bonding. Lastly, every year is a little different, be flexible to that change.


Anthony Bonet, student


Jodi Topping, Anthony’s yearbook adviser and nominator, stated, “Anthony has definitely learned leadership skills and what it takes to manage a group of diverse personalities. He is truly one of those once-in-a-lifetime students that teachers are blessed with. Anthony is going to do great things with his life and I can’t wait to see it unfold!”

Anthony’s Story

BACKGROUND // Joining yearbook was actually completely accidental for me. I had been deeply interested in journalism and signed up for the journalism class. Little did I know, I walked into the classroom and was told “Welcome to yearbook!” I decided to give the class a shot because I’m not one to easily quit on things. I ended up loving the arduous, passionate process that is creating yearbooks.

TIME CAPSULE // What I love most about yearbooks is the time capsule nature of it. Yearbooks only increase in value as the years go on. I don’t think that many teens think about the yearbook as a time capsule until they’re adults digging the books from the depths of their closets years after graduation.

FAVORITE SKILL // The most important thing I learned with creating yearbooks is collaboration. My yearbook class is the most diverse that I have in terms of age and intellect. What I’ve come to learn is that great ideas can come from anybody as long as you open your ears to them.

REFLECTIONS // Yearbook has turned out to be the best accident I made going into high school. It provided me with an experience that has connected me to my school in more intimate ways than I could have imagined. Being on the yearbook staff has also made me more mature by really showing me how precious time is. As someone who has basically made a small living chronicling students’ memories, it has not been lost on me how powerful a yearbook is to be a medium completely comprised of memories and nostalgia. What we do as yearbookers is so powerful that just by looking at yearbooks from years ago, I feel nostalgia resonating from them even though I wasn’t around when they were made. What’s put in yearbooks is so special that it transcends time.

At Jostens, we love seeing students learn about their passions and skills through the yearbook experience. Anthony’s talents are making an impact on his school right now and will surely impact him future in a positive way.

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