Adviser & Student of the Month

We are honored to recognize these educators and students who have embraced Jostens Yearbook philosophies and are helping their school celebrate moments that matter.

December 2019

Rosie Ruzzi, adviser


“Rosie Ruzzi has redesigned the Catonsville yearbook program by teaching compelling story angles, cut-out portraits, expanded captions and beautiful pictures,” noted Ruzzi’’s nominator, student Sarah Ossing. 

Ruzzi: Organization & Building Relationships

WHITEBOARD LADDER // Using colored masking tape, I also created an enormous yearbook ladder on our whiteboard. 

CALENDARS // We have two monthly calendars on the wall of the classroom: one with these mini deadlines and another with all the happenings at Catonsville High School – games, club meetings, picture day and more.

DEADLINES // I break every Jostens deadline into mini deadlines, requiring staff members to submit their interview questions, rough drafts of copy, dominant photos and other key components by certain dates. Throughout each deadline, we critique one another’s work and distribute different awards to recognize high quality work and infectiously positive attitudes. 

SHARING // I begin every class by inviting my yearbook staff members to share their good news and positive things that are happening in their lives. My yearbook staff understands that their effort and work ethic have serious implications for the entire family.

TRANSFORMATION // I’ve witnessed the power of yearbook in its ability to transform initially shy and timid staff members into social and confident leaders of the student body. Yearbook gives students a sense of purpose and a passion to pursue. 

STUDENT COVERAGE // My staff knows that the yearbook is not about them; rather, it’s because of them. They take pride in attempting to feature all 1800 students and hearing each of their unique stories. We are a school that is rich in diversity, and yearbook highlights the strengths within the different backgrounds, races, and socioeconomic circumstances.

YEARBOOK COMMUNITY // My greatest piece of advice to any new adviser is to build relationships with your students. Learn about their personal lives and give them time to meet and bond with one another. By fostering a sense of community among the staff, you will learn to overlook the unrelenting stress, overwhelming struggles and never-ending to-do list that is yearbook. Believe in their potential, and enjoy watching them rise to the occasion.

Eden Lingenfelder, student


“Eden is a great leader who brings everyone on staff together in and outside of the classroom,” her adviser Natalya Fiore states. “Eden has a positive attitude at all times. She builds relationships with EVERYONE on the yearbook staff. Eden volunteered to pair with a learning disabilities classmate. She is able to make him feel like an important member of staff with tasks he’s able to accomplish.”

Eden reflects, “I have learned the importance of being a great leader – to ask for help when needed makes all the difference, that communication and time management are key. I love the community and family yearbook builds. Yearbook is an amazing time to hang out with some of your closest friends as well as let your creativity flow. So, be proud of your work as people will cherish your yearbook forever. Have a great time!”

At Jostens, we love seeing students learn about their passions and skills through the yearbook experience. Eden’s talents are making an impact on her school right now and will surely impact her future in a positive way.

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