Adviser & Student of the Month

We are honored to recognize these educators and students who have embraced Jostens Yearbook philosophies and are helping their school celebrate moments that matter.

February 2020

Jen Hiltner, adviser


Hiltner’s nominator, Jostens rep Paul Sorenson, notes that “The core essence of Jen and her team inside the Albany schools is to connect every student to the place they call home for 180 days of the year by seeing, loving, and hearing every one of them.”

Hiltner’s Tips for Success

CULTURE // The Harbor videos have been essential in shifting my yearbook students’ perception of their purpose: from a yearbook-for-the-elite to a yearbook-for-all.

CLASSROOM // My yearbook program operates as a class within students’ regular school day. My classroom regularly has 35-40 students every quarter. The classroom is divided into departments: senior high design, middle school design, elementary design, photography, business, special projects, school newspaper and video production. Each department has a set of responsibilities and all departments work toward the goal of promoting a positive school culture and creating products students want. To the untrained eye, it looks like complete and total chaos every single day, but every student is actively working toward their department’s goals.

MOTIVATION // I believe every single student has something amazing to offer their school community and community-at-large. It’s my job to help them figure out what that is. And when students’ feel valued and empowered, they’ll work their tails off.

JOSTENS // My Jostens rep, Paul Sorensen, has introduced me to transformational resources from Jostens – specifically The Harbor, regional Renaissance Rallies, Renaissance coaches, Philip Campbell and JRNC. Paul has an effective way of planting ideas, providing perfectly-timed resources and follow-ups, and supportively pushing me to be at my best.

PJ Dudley, student



When asked about PJ’s strengths, her adviser, Amanda Hodgins, said “PJ sets a wonderful example for each staff member to follow. PJ is a wonderfully creative, enigmatic, kind and purposeful scholar who consistently pushes himself to achieve.”

PJ shares his yearbook advice, “You must remain focused and determined to accomplish what needs to be done. Don’t stress at all and communicate with your classmates. You never know how much your advice can help someone else out. At the same time you should have fun, it will make the class 100 times better. Being focused but at the same time having fun is a win-win and you will really enjoy the process of being in yearbook. Trust me it will be a great experience and is for sure a very great class to be apart of!”

PJ’s Adviser Amanda Hodgins feels that successful yearbook staffers should be organized, dedicated leaders that demonstrate creativity and a desire to improve. “PJ demonstrates all of these through his work as well as his attitude,” she says. “PJ consistently improves the design quality of his pages and is always asking and looking for ways to improve. He approaches his work as a challenge and tackles everything that is set before him with determination to do more than is required.”

At Jostens, we love seeing students learn about their passions and skills through the yearbook experience. PJ’s talents are making an impact on his school right now and will surely impact his future in a positive way.

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