Adviser & Student of the Month

We are honored to recognize these educators and students who have embraced Jostens Yearbook philosophies and are helping their school celebrate moments that matter.

January 2020

Rachel Kidder, adviser


Kidder’s nominator, yearbook staffer Kenna Standridge, noted “Mrs. Kidder teaches us life lessons about responsibility and stepping out of our comfort zone. She teaches us all the basic skills we need to succeed while leaving us enough room to explore and learn things for ourselves. This gives us a sense of empowerment and achievement that wouldn’t come from simply being told how to do everything. Mrs. Kidder is teaching us the value of TRY.”


BUILD RELATIONSHIPS // I always aim to build up my staffers as people first, leaders second, and staffers somewhere even farther down the list. If they know they are valued as an individual, for who they truly are and for their skill sets, then they’ll meet deadlines!

CHRONICLE HISTORY // Our school is just now five years old, as is the media program. The yearbook has been a true historical document of how the school and our student body have developed, changed and built traditions from the ground up.

NEW ADVISER ADVICE // 1. Take it slow. You’re not going to fix your yearbook staff or yearbook problems in a single school year. 2. Trust your kids. They know their peers and their school. Plus they’re so much cooler than us. 3. It’s ok to cry and drink lots of coffee. You’ll do plenty of both!

USE YOUR LOCAL REP // My local rep, Rod Evans, has been by my side since before Day One as an adviser. He encourages me, talks me off of cliffs at least a few times each year and, most importantly, builds my kids up.

REMEMBER: MEDIA IS THE BEST // High school media is truly the best place to be in education!

Monteserrat Reyes, student


When asked about Montserrat’s strengths, her adviser, Pedro Cabrera, said “Montserrat has a stellar portfolio of journalistic work, including amazing photography and well-written articles. She roared into her second year on staff in the editor position with power and grace, establishing a standard for not only herself but all editors and staffers that will follow her. Every day she pushes the yearbook forward. Montserrat has changed the culture of the yearbook staff by ensuring that students not only have a fun place to be, but also that our high standard continues for the product we produce, for the people we produce it for, for years to come.”

Montserrat notes, “I joined yearbook because I love photography. Being able to capture a moment in time and look back on it and feel something really captivated me. It also allows me to be involved with everything that goes on at my school.

Yearbook has taught me more “real world” skills than any class in high school, hands down. Because of yearbook, I know how to work with other people, am able to communicate with my staff to be productive and work efficiently. Yearbook opens up so many opportunities and you get a bunch of memorable life experiences.”

At Jostens, we love seeing students learn about their passions and skills through the yearbook experience. Montserrat’s talents are making an impact on her school right now and will surely impact her future in a positive way.

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