Adviser & Student of the Month

We are honored to recognize these educators and students who have embraced Jostens Yearbook philosophies and are helping their school celebrate moments that matter.

September 2019

Dr. Alex Hollis, adviser


Dr. Hollis has been advising Chapman’s yearbook for six years. He began when the school’s principal told him his organizational skills and creativity were a great fit to grow the program. Dr. Hollis noted, “I have seen my school’s journalism program grow from an afterthought to one of the most prominent programs at the school. The Journalism class had a staff of a dozen students my first year and now has over 100 students involved out of a school population of 900 students.”

FUNCTIONAL SPACE // The key to being organized is having a functional classroom/workspace. I feel that it is imperative for students to be able to SEE the upcoming events and deadlines. My classroom has multiple calendars, lists and charts that are used every single day to stay on top of things.

SOCIAL MEDIA & JOURNALISM // We have increased our visibility by using social media and providing a journalism program. Now, we have students on waiting lists to get onto the yearbook staff. I feel that all of these things have positively changed the school’s culture and expectations regarding our yearbook. 

HONOR // It’s good to continually remind staff about the importance of their work–for the school, for the community and for themselves. One of my favorite things is honoring my seniors with a special farewell message each year, and putting those who have worked on three or more books in our “Panorama Hall of Fame,” which is a photo of them hanging prominently in my yearbook room.

JOSTENS REP // Luke Samples, our Jostens representative, has been 100% on my side since the day I started as adviser.  He has encouraged me, but he has also challenged me. He recognized my passion for yearbook soon after I began and he started showing me things (design ideas, photo ideas, etc.) that he thought would be great additions to our book. Some have been really challenging, forcing me to learn new skills to teach my staff, but they have all paid off in big ways.

COMPLETION // There is NOTHING like seeing a year’s worth of hard work by your students delivered to your school in the form of a completed book. I absolutely love the day my students get to see their published work for the first time! Showing it to the rest of the school is just the icing on the cake. It really is true that students will rise to the challenges you give them. Every year I look forward to seeing what they will create.

Maddie Slade, student


Joel Mayo, Maddie’s yearbook adviser, stated, “Last year, Maddie led her team to create the biggest book yet, sold the most yearbooks in our school’s history, covered 61% of the student body, generated over 7k in ad sales and ensured our team worked well together. Her creativity, hard work, drive and passion for yearbook is truly one of a kind and deserving of being recognized by Jostens.” 

Maddie notes, “Yearbook was the perfect way for me to express my creativity and interact with other wonderful artists. I love being part of the creation of a yearbook that people will love and appreciate for many years to come. Yearbooks take hard work, dedication, an open-mind and perseverance. From the friendships you make to the memories you will keep forever yearbook is one of the most amazing experiences you will be a part of!”


At Jostens, we love recognizing students who are inspiring others, leading by example. Maddie’s leadership, dedication to excellence and bringing out the strengths in others will carry her well on into her future. Congratulations, Maddie.

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