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Jostens has teamed with the University of San Diego to offer an online, self-paced summer course for yearbook advisers to earn two graduate level credits, whether yearbook is a class or club done at the middle or high school level. It’s a great way to get support, get organized, foster creativity and produce a quality book.

In 2020, Jostens advisers who don’t want to earn grad credits can audit the course for only $50.
The eight online lessons take about 25 hours of instructional time, plus additional time for implementing what you’ve learned.

The course covers a wide range of topics, including building a team and creating a ladder, grading, accountability, developing a theme, designing the book, photography, interviewing and writing skills and marketing the book.

Here’s The Scoop

  • The course is only open to Jostens customers.
  • Course description and registration information are available
    May 15-May 31 at YearbookAvenue> Plan > Order Supplies > Graduate Credit.
  • The online content and quizzes will be available between June 15 and August 15.
    Coursework must be completed by August 15.
  • Access to Learning Modules will be emailed to participants the week of June 15.
  • Grad Credit participants will receive their transcript around September 1.
“This…is super helpful. I am starting to feel there is hope for my new staff next year. Great ideas I can’t wait to use this Fall!”
Kim Shrader

Educator, Pecatonica High School, IL

Learn more in the Yearbook Avenue digital classroom. Searching for Grad Credit!

Regional Workshops

Jostens yearbook representatives host one-day staff training and yearbook planning seminars during the academic year and multi-day workshops during the summer.

It’s a valuable way to hone your skills and get support to create a successful yearbook program. Topics vary, but often include developing a theme, making a ladder, designing a cover, using Layout Pro and more.

For more information: Jostens.com/events

Jostens San Diego National Yearbook Workshop: July 20–23, 2020

This unique, national workshop offers you the opportunity to work one-on-one with top yearbook advisers in the country to jump-start your best yearbook ever. It features an award-winning staff, specialty tracks and staff planning sessions designed to meet your individual needs.

Afternoon breakout sessions and fun evening activities give you time to kick back and relax, make connections with other advisers and staffs and build a strong network.

choose from four tracks

  1. Photo Track
  2. Writing and Social Media Track
  3. Creative Track (for schools that want to make a great yearbook, but aren’t focused on winning national awards)
  4. Intensive Track (for schools that want to have their product critiqued so they can submit their book to national yearbook award competitions)
Learn more and register at Jostens.com/sandiego
“The San Diego Workshop provided my staff with the opportunity to work closely with stellar, well-respected instructors. They pushed us to set and meet our daily goals, critiqued our work by providing meaningful suggestions for improvements and allowed time for the staff to develop theme, cover and spread designs. We left the workshop feeling fulfilled and our goals exceeded.”
Pamela Mann

Educator, Providence High School, NC

Jostens Adviser University (JAU): A Premier, Four-day Adviser-only Workshop

Work with the best yearbook advisers in the country who bring their first-hand experience and their years of expertise to help you succeed. Choose to focus on photography in the highly-rated photo track or fine-tune your knowledge on a variety of yearbook-related topics.


  • Photo Track: learn the ins and outs of using a camera, including aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. Includes onsite practice with your camera.
  • New Adviser Track: helps first-time advisers navigate this new teaching adventure. Learn about terminology, project management, grading and more.
  • Variety Track: fine-tune your skills with a spattering of classes on topics like writing, design and project management.
JAU will be held July 16, 2020—July 19, 2020 at the Marriott Hotel in Anaheim, CA.
For more information visit Jostens.com/jau
“This was my first time at JAU. This was the best conference I have ever been to! Every single session was useful! I met amazing people and built relationships I hope will last a lifetime. There was a wide variety of topics, which allowed me to take the courses I felt related to me. My homeroom group was also great!”
Alisa Kirk

Educator, Firebaugh High School, Firebaugh, CA

Grow Your Know weekly emails: We’ve you covered!

Get valuable text-based emails with tips and advice, complete with links to Jostens digital classroom in Yearbook Avenue. The emails are sent based on when your school year starts, so you get the resources you need—including tech tips—when you need them the most.
Simply add the email address (growyourknow@yearbooklove.jostens.com) to your school’s safe sending list so it doesn’t end up in your spam folder.
“The Grow Your Know emails are so timely. There have been a number of times I’ve opened an email and thought ‘This is just the reminder I needed.’”
Joshua Linville

Educator, Encinal High School, CA

Coverage Report, Pulse Survey and Coverage Pledge Letter

To access the resources in this email you will need to log into Jostens Yearbook AvenueⓇ, which will help to make your yearbooking life easier.

YOU’VE GOT IT: If you haven’t reviewed your Coverage Report, now is the time. Head over to Create > Coverage Report and figure out who is in the book too many times and who still needs to be included. You can also see who has purchased a yearbook. A student who is in the book many times should definitely have bought one.

DON’T SKIP THIS: One of the keys to yearbook success is classroom leadership. It is important to gauge how your staff is doing. Have everyone take the Pulse Survey from the Establishing Culture Resources area of the digital classroom, and use the results to improve the culture of recognition in your classroom.

TECH TIP: How To Track The Number of Times Each Student is in the Yearbook
All Jostens Customers: Watch a tutorial video about all the cool features of the coverage report.
Monarch users: Remember that you must run the coverage report from inside the tool panel first before using this method.

BRILLIANT: If you have a senior class, don’t risk errors in the portrait section! Print the portrait pages and post somewhere visible for one week. Have students verify that their image and name are correct (this is NOT the chance for them to tell you they want a different photo). Keep another printed copy at your desk to have the student initial if there are any corrections needed.

USE THIS TODAY: Allow every student the opportunity to be a part of the school’s story by asking your yearbook staff members to take the Coverage Pledge from the Coverage Training area of the digital classroom.

We’ve got you covered!