Often last, but never least, the colophon serves as a way for the staff to tell its story of planning and producing the yearbook as well as sharing details of the publication with other yearbook staffs.

The colophon can take on any number of formats ranging from a letter to the editor to staff member quotes and from short listings to lengthy narratives. Content revolved around the whole experience including people, places and things.


The staff (editors, writers, photographers, designers, business folks and adviser) obviously deserves coverage in the colophon. Depending on the space available, the coverage can be as simple as a group shot or as involved as individual photos and quotes that capture the full experience. This is also a great place to list any individual awards or scholarships earned by staff members.

Acknowledging your “lifesavers” in the colophon is a great way to say thanks, however, also consider sending personal, handwritten notes from the staff to those who mean a lot to you. Consider these folks:

  1. Administrators
  2. Faculty & coaches
  3. School staff members
  4. Parents & family
  5. Freelance staff members
  6. Yearbook specialists (representative and creative sorts)
  7. Plant consultant and cover artist
  8. Substantial patrons
  9. Professional photographers
  10. Workshop instructors

Another “who” would include the organizations to which the staff belongs as well as any awards won by the staff. All local, state and national affiliations should be included.


Capture not only the ambiance of the “home away from home” (yearbook staff room), but also significant places associated with the planning and production of the book such as summer workshops, plant tours and state and national conventions.

For fun, include yearbook crash sites and favorite snack runs (Starbucks, Sonic, Johnny’s house, etc.).

Consider the location of the colophon itself. It could be placed on the spread where the yearbook staff is covered inside the book. You might place the colophon strategically in or throughout the advertising section. Maybe begin the letter starts in the index with parts of the colophon. Or develop thematically in the back of the book or on the back endsheet.


You know your job number better than your own phone number and “AYT Foundation Sans Condensed, 8 point with 10 point Bold lead-in” was your most recited words all year. These and other yearbook specifications date the year and the yearbook experience.

From the outside to the inside, detail those specifications that serve as a reference for others and as a point of reference for your daily yearbook lives.

Describe the cover process, both creatively as well as actual production specifics. Explain how the theme and section concepts and designs evolved from initial inspirations to final graphic, color and typography decisions.

You might expand descriptions to paper choices; equipment and pre-printing and printing production processes.

Budgeting specifics about the number of copies ordered and the sales campaigns and prices; advertising numbers; and perhaps, how the money was allocated.