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Get the Credit You Deserve

Yearbook advisers can receive two units of graduate credit when they work with Jostens. The online course, created in collaboration with award-winning yearbook adviser Kristen Scott, is designed to focus on areas that help make an adviser’s life less stressful.


Unit 1: Building a Team: Staffing, Expectations Culture
Unit 2: Getting Started: Creating a Ladder, Workflow, Grading, Accountability
Unit 3: Theme: What is a Theme, How to Build a Theme
Unit 4: Design: Elements of Design, Designing Yearbook Pages
Unit 5: Photography: Photojournalism, Equipment Management, Image Organization
Unit 6: Interviewing and Captions: Listening, Preparing Questions, Writing
Unit 7: Writing: Headlines, Stories, Workflow and Editing
Unit 8: Marketing: Building a Marketing Plan and an Audience

“I gained many insightful tips on how to become more efficient and a better adviser to my staff…I would definitely recommend the Jostens Grad Credit course for any new and current advisers who work with Jostens.”
    – Maria Carballo, Firebaugh Middle School, CA

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Your Digital Classroom

Lessons and Learning

From tutorials to bell ringers and full-class lessons, each adviser will find the perfect fit in the Digital Classroom to get you from newbie to ninja.

We know that teachers have a lot on their plate, so we’ve removed the need to lesson plan. As a Jostens customer, you’ll have access to our Digital Classroom, the largest yearbook learning library in the world.

7-Minute Starters

Whether you have a class or club, teaching the fundamentals is important to having a rich and vibrant yearbook program. Our 7-Minute Starters lesson plans are content rich, yet easy enough for advisers and editors to teach.


Story Starters

Need ideas for fresh ways to cover the events at your school? Story Starters offer unique ideas for interview questions, photo ideas and coverage angles.

Grow Your Know Adviser System

Advisers: This One’s For You

Every adviser has been there before: new and not sure what to do. The Jostens Grow Your Know Adviser System is like a cookbook for yearbook advising — providing step-by-step recipes for success from the beginning to the finished product.

Help delivered right to your Inbox

Exclusive weekly emails that include lesson plans, activities and tutorials so that you can check yearbook lesson-planning off your to-do list.

It’s in the Books

The powerful combination of the Fundamental Adviser Guidebook, a classroom management guide for yearbook advisers, and the Fundamental Adviser Workbook, a chronological and tactical resource, will supplement your journey as an adviser.

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Grow Your Know

Our Grow Your Know series will take your classroom to new heights with lesson plans, tutorials and resources.


Monarch & InDesign Tutorial Guide

This book of tutorials marries Jostens Monarch and Adobe InDesign for yearbook designers with minimal pre-existing InDesign experience. Each chapter includes easy step-by-step guides for features that every yearbook designer needs to know, as well as an activity to demonstrate knowledge.

Photography Curriculum

This curriculum includes tips for composition, guides for DSLR camera settings, information on smartphone photography and 15 location-shooting cheat sheets for common school sports and activities. It is THE curriculum for any classroom that wants to improve the quality of photography taken by students.

Marketing Manager Guide

This month-by-month idea-filled guide connects the Jostens Marketing Program and student-led in-school marketing activities. The powerful format teaches real-world marketing strategies and encourages pre-planning, tracking to goals and reflection on progress. Included are folders of inspirational content for reference.

YRBK Fundamental Adviser Guide

This adviser guide condenses information, tips and resources for advisers. It is filled with practical information, processes and printable handouts that will making advising easier and more enjoyable.

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