Contest & Awards

Talent Recognized

We recognize and celebrate the hard work behind your timeless masterpiece.


Celebrating Design and Photography

The Look Book features the best-of-the-best in yearbook design done by students from across the globe. A collection of outstanding yearbooks and their creative themes, cool covers, beautiful designs and stunning photography, the Look Book is as inspirational as it is beautiful. 

Book Looks

From cover to cover, these books tell a cohesive story with creativity and innovation.

Cover Gallery

Designs that stand out. Created by inspired yearbook staffs from across the country.

Spread Gallery

Meaningful spreads that make a unique statement about their school.


Featuring winners of the annual Jostens photography and design contests.

Jostens Contests

Storyteller of Champions

Jostens has a history of working with champions, from high school to professional sports. But we believe what you do in yearbook deserves all the praise in the world. Your book captures memories. It represents your school community. And that deserves accolades. 

Jostens Photo Contest

Celebrating student photography.

We’ve created a premier student photography competition and exhibition, complete with amazing prizes, comprehensive resources and activities. Our mission is to provide emerging student photographers with the resources, rewards and recognition they deserve.

National Yearbook Program of Excellence

Recognizing exceptional yearbook programs.

The National Yearbook Program of Excellence recognizes yearbook programs that excel in creating a meaningful experience for not only the staff but also for the students receiving the yearbook. Each year, we recognize the hard work staffers have put into their program.

National Adviser and Student of the Month

Recognizing dedication, hard-work and yearbook love.

Dedicated advisers and students develop lifelong skills through the process of creating a yearbook. We are honored to recognize these educators and students who have embraced Jostens Yearbook philosophies and are helping their school celebrate moments that matter.

Hip Hip Hooray!

Happy National Yearbook Week

October 7-11, 2019

Each day during National Yearbook Week, we will have a different challenge for your school to participate in.

Marketing Monday

Doing something awesome? Show off your best yearbook sales poster, social media post or commercial. Multiple submissions are encouraged.

PRIZE: A treasure box full of candy(!) and three copies of the Grow Your Know Marketing Manager Guide. Winner will be randomly selected from submissions. ($100 value)

Teamwork Tuesday

How do you bond? Post photos or videos of your favorite yearbook team-building game or activity.

PRIZE: A Nespresso® Coffee Maker and stash of coffee capsules for late night (or early morning) yearbook staff work sessions. ($250 value)

Way Back Wednesday

Share pictures of the most ridiculous fashion trends from old yearbooks — jelly shoes, perms, bell bottoms — you get the picture. Involve faculty members and families in this hilarious scavenger hunt.

PRIZE: Camera or camera accessories of your choice and 12 sets of camera tip cards. ($250 value)

Theme Thursday

What’s inspiring you? Post an image, design or headline that makes you want to dance. Tell us what you love about it. Even better — show us what you’ve done with it.

PRIZE: A staff pizza party! $250 in Pizza Hut® gift cards should get you started.

Friday Fun

Have some fun with your yearbook staff! Each person submits to the adviser their earliest yearbook photo plus three “facts” about themselves, which are actually two truths and one lie. Post the photos on a wall and print a copy of each set of facts for every person on the staff. Try to match the facts with the person they belong to.

Post a response to our challenge each day on either Instagram or Facebook. Winners will be randomly selected from posts that include #yearbooklove and tag Jostens Adviser and Staff. Challenges will be posted each morning at 6am CST. Winners will be announced at 1pm CST the day after the challenge.

* No purchase necessary in order to enter or win. A purchase will not increase your chance of winning. For Marketing Monday rules, click here. For Teamwork Tuesday rules, click here. For Way Back Wednesday rules, click here. For Theme Thursday rules, click here.

Let’s Make a Beautiful Book Together!

We love celebrating and encouraging our schools no matter their accomplishments. Awards or not, we think each of our staffs are winners. Let’s make a book together that’s a winner in our hearts.