Judge Our Books By Their Covers

Jostens Yearbook Covers

We make sure you have infinite ways to express yourself.

Put Our Experts to the Test

Jostens is home to the largest and most advanced cover plant in the publishing world. Our labs are constantly working to create the best experience and the most options to create the look for your book.

We’ve Got Lasers

Using laser technology, designs are cut through the cover to reveal the endsheet. Whether a simple or complex cut, our plant experts are ready to help you create the coolest cover yet.

Hot Off the Press

Burnishing brands the cover using high heat and pressure. The result is a dark, rich pattern pressed into the cover with a traditional feel. We’ve perfected this craft. And it’s something you’ve GOT to see.

Applications for Days

From foil to laminations, we have a nearly endless capacity to ensure you get the cover that perfectly captures your theme for the school year. As the leader in personalization, we’re cooking up even more new applications in our lab.

Your book your way

Let’s Get Personal

Jostens offers two ways for students to personalize their yearbooks: Enhanced or Traditional Personalization.

Enhanced Personalization

Enhanced Personalization allows students to personalize their book with a monogram, crest or their name. Each design can also accommodate up to four icons and is printed on their cover. Advisers can choose from 21 ink colors the one that best fits with their cover design.

Traditional Foil Personalization

Traditional Personalization allows students to customize their yearbook with their name and up to four icons, foil-stamped on the cover. Advisers can choose from eight foil colors the one that best fits with their cover design. Monograms or crests are not available with traditional personalization.

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