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From templates to art, Jostens provides advisers and staff uniquely beautiful ways to express themselves. Move aside dull, there’s a new serif in town.

2020 trend collectionS

Your 2020 Book Deserves a 2020 Look

We’ve taken the hottest trends of today (and tomorrow), and brought them to life in the form of three new 2020 Trend Collections. Each professionally-curated collection contains new fonts, colors, templates, art, covers and design inspiration that take the guesswork out of creating a leading edge look.

Energetic and fun, Freestyle showcases creativity, discovery, curiosity and individualism.

A classic twist on school spirit, Varsity Twist explores the unique ways we are all connected.

Featuring consistency and sophistication, Sync finds balance between digital and physical lives.

Fabulous Fonts

You’re Just Our Type

With well over 200 different font families to choose from, you’ll never grow tired of your favorites.
And each year, Jostens continues to add to the bold collection to make sure you can tell your story in style.

More than a pretty face

Our Studio Art Has Personality

Don’t deny your love of small art. We have plenty to go around.
Take a look at some of our favorite studio art that we’re absolutely crazy for.

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