For Advisers and Staff

Yearbook Workshops & Conferences

Hands-on immersive experiences to help you and your staff
create something truly amazing.

Building skills. Creating opportunities.

An Investment for the Future

Prepare for a great year

At a Jostens Yearbook Workshop, it’s all about making your life easier. From design to prep and planning, attendees they get the training and time they need to bring vision to reality.

A Place to Network

Connecting with other yearbookers is cited as one of the top reasons to attend a Jostens workshop. Being surrounded by a broad network of like-minded peers is invaluable and inspiring for both advisers and students alike (Life-long friendships included free of charge).

College and Careers

Journalism education in high schools leads to a plethora of broad-spectrum career opportunities for students. Giving students access to resources, such as industry experts, are vital to their development. For teachers, attending workshops gives them a chance to further develop skills so they can continue to inspire the next generation.

Jostens Workshops

We Throw Some Pretty Awesome Events

Attending workshops is a priceless tool in preparing for the year to come. We bring industry experts so you can ask questions, build design and create award-winning programs.

Jostens Adviser University

Learn, network and re-energize at the truly outstanding, definitely-worth-your-time adviser-only JAU. This premier continuing education opportunity is relevant to journalism advisers of every experience level.

Jostens San Diego Workshop

Bring your yearbook staff to the Jostens San Diego National Workshop to jump-start your year. This workshop features an award-winning staff, specialty tracks and planning sessions designed to meet your needs.

Jostens Regional Workshops

Locally, Jostens Yearbook representatives host one-day seminars during the academic year and multi-day workshops during the summer, offering staff training and yearbook planning sessions.

Jostens Renaissance National Conference

The Jostens Renaissance National Conference is a one-of-a-kind experience that brings all educational stakeholders together with the focus of creating a positive school climate and culture. 

You know how sometimes your goal from a professional development day is to get ONE thing that you can bring back to your classroom? This was 4 days of constant amazing ideas pouring into your head. My wrist hurt from jotting down teaching ideas. JAU was so useful and practical and exactly what I was looking for as a yearbook teacher looking for help.

Ryan Evans, Adviser
Sands Secondary [BC]


Partner Organization Conventions

Jostens is proud to have a presence at the national conventions of partner scholastic journalism organizations: National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA), the Journalism Educators Association (JEA) and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA).

JEA/NSPA National Convention

Each fall and spring, we bring our yearbook family to town to create a memorable experience for advisers and staffs. Games, experiences and classes are just a hint of the excitement we have planned for each conference.

CSPA National Convention

What do we love more than the big city? Yearbook advisers and staff. Each year, we make a stop at the premiere CSPA National Conference and celebrate everything we love about yearbook.

Let’s make a beautiful book together!

Our Jostens representatives are ready to invest in you and your staff to create the next great book. Bringing people together is what we do best, and we’d love to share our love for yearbooks with you.