Monarch by Jostens

The latest, best-in-class yearbook software utilizing
Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Bridge

Adobe. Anywhere. Anytime.

Professional Power All From Your Browser


Monarch provides full-feature access to Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Bridge in one simple solution from any computer with a broadband connection at any time of day.


Since everything is in the cloud, schools don’t have to worry about installation or purchasing costly upgrades. Monarch is backed up nightly and every file on the Team drive is accessible for seven days, even if accidentally deleted or overwritten.



Monarch is secure and logins are trackable. Users login via Yearbook Avenue with a username and password controlled by the adviser. Logins can be easily removed.


Monarch makes it easy to import a student text file to ensure all names are present and to help identify missing portraits. You can even choose to skip “No Photo Available” portraits and place all “not pictured” names automatically at the end of the grade.


Caption Perfect

Use Caption Perfect to identify people in group photos. The portrait image pops up when you hover over a name to ensure the correct name is used. Plus, you’ll never have a misspelled name: Katelyn or Caitlyn? Never guess again.


Peace of Mind

When you run Prepare for Submission to submit a spread, PFS checks for over 400 potentially offensive words that may be included in the text on a spread. Never have an oops! in your book again.

Fast & Easy Uploads

Upload photos directly from Google Drive™ into your Jostens creation platform.

Monarch is educator friendly.

It’s becoming harder and harder for educators to maintain Adobe InDesign in their classroom. Using Monarch has eliminated all those worries.

Tessa Shirley, Adviser
North Hall High School [GA]

I love Monarch!

There are just so many benefits to using Monarch with the yearbook, and adding my newspaper staff to the mix grows the value of  the program exponentially.

Nora Neff, Adviser
Mill Creek High School [GA]

Monarch is an amazing, positive experience.

While known among my friends as a technology skeptic, the experience we’ve had with Monarch has been so positive. My students appreciate easy access to Photoshop and love how easy it is to submit pages and proofs.

Martha Akers, Adviser
Loudoun Valley High School [VA]


Is Your School Compatible?

Monarch depends on a quality connection from your school to our cloud.
Test your browser and network to check your performance.


Reasons to Choose Monarch

Real-world skills

Teach real-world skills using Adobe software to prepare students for college and their careers.


Desktop, laptop and tablet, Monarch is compatible with Macs, PCs or Chromebooks.

Always Up-to-Date

Work with the latest versions of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Bridge. (CS6 is over 5 years old!)

Back-up to the Cloud

Safe, secure access to all your files and back-ups in case of an unexpected catastrophe.

Create on the Go

With your software and files stored safely on our industrial-strength servers, you can work anywhere, anytime.

Student Publications

In addition to your yearbook, you can create newspapers or literary magazines using Monarch.

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