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For almost 30 years, Jostens has helped schools renew their climate and culture.

The Harbor

Set Course for Positive Influence

Jostens customers have exclusive access to impactful resources that build school climate and culture. The Harbor by Jostens is a weekly video program for schools that provides students with real perspectives from real people that will help them achieve greater success in the outside world.

The Harbor provides my students and staff the opportunity to engage in open discussions on sometimes difficult topics. It’s engaging and relevant to what our high school students deal with on a daily basis. I see that it’s effective and making a difference.

Michele Strouf, Assistant Principal
Billings Senior High School [MT]

Jostens Renaissance

The Renaissance Formula

With unparalleled resources, a library of best practices, and a vibrant community of educators, schools across the world are driving tangible results through the Jostens Renaissance formula.

Our five R’s — Respect, Recognize, Reward, Reinforce and Results — can contribute to increased attendance and graduation rates, improved academic performance and behavior, higher teacher retention rates, and a boost in overall school spirit.


Renaissance schools show respect to what they regard as important.

And while every school can have their own twist or area of focus, Renaissance schools, as a whole, show respect to academic performance, character development, and to the staff and faculty dedicated to helping students succeed.


Renaissance creates an energized culture of recognition that runs broad and deep.

It’s a culture that is purposeful in identifying achievements of all stakeholders and thoughtful in recognizing them. A Renaissance culture is focused on catching students (and educators) doing something awesome. Schools that work with Jostens can use The Pulse-Student Recognition Survey to get real-time perspectives from students, staffulty and parents about how students feel recognized in your school.


Renaissance schools reward students for actions and achievements that align with what the school respects.

There are many examples of Renaissance rewards — each of them serves to show appreciation to the efforts of students and teachers, to reinforce the behaviors that are valued and respected at school, and to provide motivation for more achievements. By implementing a system of rewards, schools can illustrate how the hard work students and educators put in comes with benefits.


If academic performance, character development and staffulty are most important, that message should be reinforced with all stakeholders all year long.

You will be amazed at what the physical appearance of your school can do for reinforcing your values. Jostens Renaissance® is honored to provide schools with resources to reinforce character development (The Harbor™ by Jostens) and the significance of graduation (Commitment 2 Graduate® or C2G®).


Results are why Renaissance has been around more than a quarter of a century.
It works.

Jostens Renaissance has been tested, refined and customized in thousands of schools across North America. Grades go up. Tardiness goes down. Graduation rates improve. Relationships are built. And morale goes through the roof, creating a climate and culture where everyone feels and knows that they matter.

Ready To Boost Your School Spirit?

Jostens Renaissance® is honored to work with an amazing network of educators and students on renewing climate and culture — and ultimately in helping students get across the stage on graduation day.