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From start to finish, Yearbook Avenue has everything you need
to create the best yearbook ever.

Create, manage and track

Track vital details about your yearbook from your personal homepage dashboard. Check your calendar, manage staff, track your page history, view your books sales and progress all in one place.

Leave the Marketing to Us

Our marketing capabilities and in-school marketing kit can give you the tools you need to get started marketing your yearbook right away. In fact, you can make all book and ad sales come directly through us. Let us help you make marketing decisions so you can focus on creating a beautiful book.

Best in Class

Jostens is the leader in yearbook education, and Yearbook Avenue provides immediate access to our latest educational resources. The teaching materials on Yearbook Avenue cover every aspect of yearbook journalism. Whether you teach yearbook as a class or train an extra-curricular staff, we’ve got you covered.

All because of Yearbook Avenue we were able to hit every deadline, create a beautiful book and increase both our sales and student coverage.

Denise Stewart, Adviser
Merritt Island High School [FL]


Planning Your Yearbook

Great yearbooks start with a plan. Whether you are a veteran adviser or a rookie, Yearbook Avenue makes planning painless. 


Plan the Progress

Use our Online Page Ladder to plan and track each page in the yearbook and easily view by deadline, staff member or page type.

Manage the Staff

In the Staff section, you can also manage permissions and privileges for each member of the staff to customize their experience based on their individual role. In addition, you can organize name and email addresses of staff members so you can communicate easily throughout the school year.


Check That Off The List

Recently forgot about that critical to-do (or worse, missed that important event)? Keep all of your yearbook tasks in one place. With Tasks, you can assign a student a task, and give them a due date — all in the sample place you plan, create and sell your yearbook.

Promotional Tools

Whether you just want ideas to help you promote your book or programs that make selling seamless, Yearbook Avenue has a wealth of promotional tools to build your marketing strategy and track sales throughout the year.


Tools For Creativity

One site, two tools to power your creativity. Create from anywhere you have internet access. Save the money you used to spend on expensive hardware and software licenses. Save time with a stunning array of easy-to-use features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Page Designer

Access your yearbook wherever creativity strikes. Page Designer is easy to use, reliable and responsible for the successful production of millions of Jostens yearbooks for thousands of schools.


Monarch gives even the most advanced designers the tools they need to jump-start their creativity anywhere, at anytime. Access the full power of Adobe® InDesign® and Photoshop® from any computer at any time of day.

Layout Pro

Our flashiest flash-less addition to our technology suite, Layout Pro takes all the best of Page Designer and takes it to the next level. It’s incredibly simple and intuitive and the next generation of yearbook creation.


Promoting Your Yearbook

We make marketing the yearbook easy. Create powerful advertising campaigns, run promotions, see sales reports, run coverage reports, print sales flyers and more all in one place.


Your Digital Classroom

The Digital Classroom on Yearbook Avenue is your go-to library for educational tools and classroom resources. From videos to handouts, from lesson plans to digital reference guides, it’s stocked with tons of start-of-class activities, tutorials and lesson plans with standards and goals. Everything you need is at your fingertips — just a few clicks away.

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