Experience the Yearbook Love

We’re Jostens. We Know Yearbooks.

In fact, we love them. We print more of them than anybody.

The Art and Science of Creating Yearbooks

Our books are created to meet rigorous textbook industry standards to ensure years of durability. If a book fails to meet our quality tests, we start making the book all over again. Every day, we pull-test and peel-test books.

Our Yearbooks Are Beautiful Inside and Out

All customers have an option of using recycled materials. Because of our recycling efforts, Jostens saves nearly 100,000 trees annually. And, all our printing plates are recycled — more than 600 tons of aluminum each year.

Business beyond usual

The average tenure of a Jostens press operator is nearly 17 years. We know what we’re doing and are passionate about doing it. Each yearbook staff gets not only a rep, but also a dedicated plant consultant — your phone-a-friend lifeline. 

Aww Shucks. We’re Blushing

Jostens was honored to earn the prestigious “Benny” in the 2018 PIA Premier Print Awards, the world’s largest and most prominent international publishing competition.

Our Bond is Binding

You’re creating something to last — a book students will have 50 years from now. It’s why we take quality seriously. From the ink on the page to the glue that holds everything together, we go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that your yearbook is a keepsake you’ll have forever. Watch how your book gets put together, from cover to cover.

Ask Our Experts

A natural extension of our plant and capabilities are our talented representatives. They are the glue that brings your beautiful ideas to life, sometimes making the impossible possible.